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007There are 20 school buses and they pick and drop children to a distance of nearly 25 kilo meters.

Parents who want to send their children to school by school bus
should apply to the Principal in advance.
->No singing or shouting or throwing articles out of the bus or making
comments on the people outside is allowed in the school bus.
->Putting hands, the head or elbows outside the window is strictly
->Strong and prompt disciplinary action will be taken against those
pupils who misbehave in the school bus.
->One month’s notice in writing shall be given for discontinuance is
not admissible for any part of a term. Requests for change of boarding
points shall be made in writing one month in advance.
->If the school bus fails to come any day on account of some
unforeseen difficulty, the students should come by other means.
No complaint will be entertained on such issues. The school bus
will not wait for late comers.
->Those who discontinue the school bus facility will lose the advance
they have paid.