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School Anthem

Born of dreams on a hillock

You stand tall and strong atop

A tranquil abode of wisdom, truth and love.

Chavara, our peaceful haven

Inspiration is your leaven

We take pride in you

As we stride our paths anew.



Chavarites, you are called to be a blessing

A shining star in darkness forever and ever.

Aspire and Achieve your goals

Spread your wings and soar into the sky.


You are the solid rock that takes our fear away

A soothing hand in need and a guiding light indeed;

Our fortress in distress, a shore in turbulence

A promise of the future and the temple of learning.


Chorus: Chavarites….

Our talents we shall share with everyone in need

Faith in God and love help us rise in life;

Here we belong, learn and cherish

And reap the fruits of joyful labour of our life ever.


Chorus: Chavarites…….

(Lyrics: Fr. Mathew Kareethara CMI)