Principal’s Message


Dear Chavarites,

Hearty Welcome to academic year 2019-20.

The theme of this academic year is “Perceive, Persevere and Be Productive”

Perceiving is about being aware or conscious of something. Education should help an individual to form proper perception. Understanding oneself is key to growth and development. “Know thyself” is an age-old teaching by the gurus. Proper knowledge of one’s inherent qualities, interests and aptitudes will help one to form his/her personality and future studies and course of life. Everyone should be able to realize the areas of one’s strengths and possible weaknesses. Understanding others and the society is equally important.

Perseverance calls for a sustained interest and persistence in what one does. Every Chavarite is expected to do his/her best in every endeavor irrespective of the setbacks, shortcomings and failures. Persistent efforts are sure to produce great results.

The idea of being productive should not be limited to the results in examinations. Being responsible citizens of our nation, developing civic sense, having a concern for the society, engaging in social action and being catalysts of social change are part of the responsibilities of every student. This alone is going to help an individual to develop his personality to the fullest extent. “Upavi” our vicennial social service programme and the activities of Chavara Social Service League should be taken to new heights with a view to be more socially relevant.

Wish you all a very challenging and fruitful year ahead.

God bless you

Fr.Mathew Kareethara CMI