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Principal’s Message


Dear Chavarites,

The Academic year 2019-20 has dawned upon us with blessings and
success. This is an opportunity for us to rededicate ourselves to our
mission with renewed energy and unmatched enthusiasm. The academic
year 2018-19 has been blissful and successful. Our school had a thumbing
victory in the CBSE Board exams of 2019 in terms of quality of performance
and the quantity. We stand as the state topper in the number of A1 grades
in all subjects (155) in the Class 12 results. Our school has presented the
highest number of students from our state in Class 12 Board exams.

The theme we have chosen for this academic year is very meaningful:” Well
Informed and Rightly Formed”. Very often education is misunderstood as a
process of shaping one’s intellect with information and knowledge.
Education at times is misrepresented as a means to achieve a position in
society and a high standard of living in its material sense. In other words, it
has become a filling process -always filling the intellect and sometimes the
mind. As a result, education especially school education in recent years has
been misunderstood and degraded into a sort of production line which
brings out identical products with A1s and 90 percentages. The highest
standard of the integral growth of human individuals has become the thing
of the past in the educational process. In this context, it is highly promising
that the various Boards especially CBSE is revamping and remoulding the
teaching-learning process in order to inculcate these areas of integral

Education should help an individual to acquire a well-formed mind rather
than a well-filled mind. It should help the learner to understand oneself and
to recognise, respond and adapt to one’s immediate environment. It must
prompt one to imbibe human, social and spiritual values and the skills to
express oneself in multiple ways of expression and to develop a civic sense. It
has to help the students with a road map for being intellectually competent,
mentally strong, emotionally balanced and spiritually awakened.

I hope, wish and pray that all the Chavarites develop a well-formed mind as
they pursue the path of knowledge. Let us all be well informed and rightly
formed. Let this academic year be an occasion for all of us to be a
transformed individual in vision, word and deed.

God bless you

Fr.Mathew Kareethara CMI