St. Vincent Boarding House (in the campus) run by CMI Fathers.

1. Chavara Hostel (School Campus)
2. Amal Jyothi Bhavan (near Cathedral Church, Pala) run by Rev. Sisters.
3. Mary Immaculate Hostel (near St. Thomas School, Pala) run by Rev. Sisters.
4. Vellappally Home Stay, Arunapuram (under the supervision of the School)
5. Lisieux Convent (Run by Rev. Sisters)
Students should either stay with the parents or in the hostel. Staying as paying guest will not be allowed.

The spacious, colourful and well furnished cafeteria meets the food needs of the students and staff of the school with hygienic, Vegetarian/Non vegetarian meals. In addition the Canteen/Kiosk in the campus provides tea, coffee, snacks, cool drinks and other necessary stationary and useful items.

Things Required for Plus One Students

Sl No Items Quantity
1School Uniform (Provided from school)4 Pairs
2Colour DressMinimum 3 Pairs
3Inner wearAs required
5Night SuitsMinimum 3 Pairs
6Mattress (single bed) 6x 2 ½1
7Canvas shoes for games (boys)1
8School Socks (Provided from school)2 Pairs
9Black Uniform Shoe1
11Bed Sheets4
12Pillow Cover4
14Water bottle1
16Bath Towels4
17Sandal1 Pair
18Shorts for games (Boys)2 Pairs
19Bucket & Mug1
20Nail Cutter1
21Marker Pen1
22Locks with duplicate keys3 Pairs
23Bible/ Holy Books1
24Rosary (for catholics only)1
25Stationery items for school use
29Laundry Bag1
30Plate  (Girls only)1