The School provides ample opportunities for students to take part in different co–curricular activities and thereby develop qualities of self–expression, self confidence, self–discipline, purposefulness, endurance, decision making etc. which all are needed for a full and fruitful life. With a view to give ample opportunities for the overall development of the mental, physical, intellectual, spiritual and psychological abilities of a person, we are giving the children proper guidance and chances to take part in various competitions held in the School, Regional and State levels.

  1. CCA Programmes

The school offers co-curricular activities such as Yoga, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music (Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Tabala and Drums), Western Dance, Indian Dance, Karate, Roller Skating, Kalaripayattu, Craft, Embroidery, Cookery, Gardening etc

  1. Physical Education Programme

The school has regular physical education programme. Coaching facilities are available for athletics, Basket ball, Foot ball, Table Tennis, Kho- Kho, Swimming and Cricket

  1. English Council

The aim of the Council is to enable the students to speak accurate and fluent English. To grow up in the climate of hope and joy of speaking English in the whole campus “EYE” (Enrich Your English) Card System is introduced. To help the students to sustain their interest in speaking English, various techniques are adopted.