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Kids Club
The intention of the Kids Club is to remove the stage fear of the students, to build up their confidence and to make them capable of overcoming the obstacles in their life.

Literary / Dramatic Club
The Club aims at the development of the literary skills of our students.

Debate and Public Speaking Club
The objective of this Club is to discover the gifted and talented orators of our school. It also aims at finding out and promote the inherent talents of all children.

Nature Club
The main agenda of the Club is to give a human face to day – to – day environmental issues.

Science and Mathematics Club
This Club helps the students to develop their scientific skills and knowledge and to relate them to their everyday life.

Quiz Club
The main objective of the Club is to encourage and motivate children in their quest for knowledge along with improving G.K., developing the habit of reading and promoting the analyzing skill.

Arts and Painting Club
Escavating the colourful creativity of the children is the motto of this Club. Every year Intra – School and Inter – School competitions are conducted by this Club.

CCA Programmes

The school offers co-curricular activities such as Vocal Music, Instrumental Music (Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Tabala and Drums), Western Dance, Indian Dance, Music, Karate, Chess, Origami, Magic, Roller Skating, Kalaripayattu, Craft, Needle Work, Embroidery, Cookery, Gardening, etc

Physical Education Programme
The school has regular physical education programme. Coaching facilities are available for athletics, Basket ball, Foot ball, Table Tennis, Kho- Kho, Swimming and Cricket

English Council
The aim of the Council is to enable the students to speak accurate and fluent English. To grow up in the climate of hope and joy of speaking English in the whole campus “EYE” (Enrich Your English) Card System is introduced. To help the students to sustain their interest in speaking English, various techniques are adopted.

Kerala Catholic Student’s League (KCSL)

Becoming members of these clubs, many of our students get ample opportunities to take part in the Regional and State level literary competitions, seminars and scholarship exams conducted by DCL and KCSL.

Human Resource Development (HRD)
HRD undertakes activities needed for converting stones into milestones. This club helps the children to unleash their creativity and also to acquire confidence to face the world.
All students from Std I to XII must enroll themselves at least in any one of these clubs.

Yoga is taught as an integral part of curriculum from class I onwards.

Chavara Social Service League
Each class is provided with a collection box and each student is encouraged to make a weekly contribution sacrificing some of his / her comfort. Learning to share what we possess with the less privileged is an important aspect of education. The fund is used for helping people who are in need.

Girl’s Cell
The main objective of the Cell is to give awareness regarding the empowerment of women and to make them able to face the day– to–day problems in their life.